Issue 001: August 14, 2015

Dan's Pick
Although a couple weeks old, this Wired article on my favorite brotherly directing duo, The Duplass Brothers, is great. You may not recognize the name, but you've probably seen something they're directed, produced, or acted in. This part especially struck a chord: "They’re proponents of what they call the 'available-materials school of filmmaking,' a bare-bones philosophy of reverse-engineering a movie to fit the scenery, props, and actors at their disposal." Kind of a "no-excuses" way of thinking about making something great. They even recently produced a movie shot entirely on iPhones
Tom's Pick
I just finished Vice’s season 3 on HBO. If you don’t watch Vice, you are missing out. Typically I end up a little depressed after the episode, but that’s just because I have gained a much clearer picture of what is actually happening in the world. Vice seems to go places and tell stories that major media is not, and they always do a great job. It’s like 60 Minutes for Millennials. I’m a millennial, right? Anyhow, if you haven’t ever seen Vice, I’d recommend the awesome Killing Cancer special report or the scary Antibiotics episode.
Here's a teaser: our next product, hopefully launching on Kickstarter in September, involves electronics. New territory for us! In this pic, Tom is examining his solder connections with an Olloclip macro lens. Using the tools on hand.

Enjoy your weekend,
 - Tom & Dan